Free With Elle UK: Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara

As far as February freebies go this offering from Elle UK is certainly a great one to check out. If you’re a fan of Soap & Glory skincare but are yet to dive into their debut make up range, head down to your local newsagents now to give this volume boosting mascara a whirl…

With a RRP of £10 (Elle will set you back a far friendlier £3.90) this false lash effect mascara is easy to compare to the likes of BADgal due to the big, brash, bushy brush. I’ve never been a fan of larger than life wands and this offering is no exception; even as a master of mascara application the awkward size and shape left me with plenty of product dotted across the eyelid. Not helpful. Ever.

Still, for a product containing SUPERFILL (trademark) and SHINE AMPLIFIERS (no, I’m not sure what they are either) it does a pretty good job at turning bare lashes into full bodied beauties, see…



Apart from drying to reveal a somewhat crispy appearance, the overall longevity and staying power of this formula is pretty impressive. As the above picture shows it certainly adds an obvious burst of both length and thickness to the lash line, even if it does take some work to get there. With a wet texture that can be prone to sticking smaller lashes together, this mascara certainly feels like something I’ll need to get used to over time. Yet for £3.90 I’m not complaining – after all, I think my lashes look pretty darn fluttery – it’s just not really grabbing me right now.

SUITABLE FOR:  Everyone, although those with hooded eyelids may find the brush an awkward size to use.

AVAILABLE: Free in Elle UK or at Boots and for £10.

BEST SUITED TO: Those who like their mascara wands big and bushy.

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  1. February 5, 2012 at 2:09 am #

    WHOA. This makes your lashes look amazing! *___*